Planets Edit

Planets in the universe vary wildly. Many of them are active, living worlds that have alignment and will of their own. The planets are sorted into 3 orbits that revolve around a 3 central suns.


Prime Orbit Edit

Planets on the Prime Orbit orbit around the largest of the 3 suns. Planets in this orbit are neutral aligned. Planets found on this orbit are Imora, Feywild, Shadowfell, Kaladuwan, Proelio, Principia, and Acasa.

Upper Orbit Edit

The Upper Orbit has two good-aligned planets: Gaudia and Udicium.

Lower Orbit Edit

The Lower Orbit has two evil-aligned planets: Alsafhat and Udoma.

Other Planets Edit

Some planets do not lie within the major Orbits. Congeria roams wildly around the suns in unpredictable patterns.

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